First Post

By | 2011/10/06

Welcome to the First Post™ of this website! I have owned this domain since 2006 but I haven’t used it for a couple of years. The plan is to host my public projects here and write about web and software development. I have another website where I blog in Swedish about life in general and sports in particular.

The first project I will host here is a WordPress theme that I call Size Matters. It is a slightly modified version of Twenty Eleven with less whitespace and a few other minor changes.

I have also developed a WordPress plugin called Social Metadata. It inserts metadata in the header of posts and pages to make your site appear exactly like YOU want it to when shared/liked on social networks such as Facebook and Google+.

Another possible project is a lightweight WordPress plugin for social bookmarking & sharing. I’m using AddToAny on a few websites I manage but it has a lot of overhead and the layout of the buttons looks bad, especially when viewed on a small screen. If I cannot find a better plugin I might write one myself.